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The Monster Hunter film has reportedly been delayed

The film based on video game series Monster Hunter reportedly won't release this year after all and is now set for a 2021 release.

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A few days ago we just heard about some new details regarding the Monster Hunter movie, which is still in the making with Resident Evil actress Milla Jovovich as the main character and her husband Paul WS Anderson as the director.

It is said that even if you're not familiar with the Monster Hunter video game franchise, you'll still be able to "relate" to the protagonist (check more details here). However, we will seemingly not be able to join this adventure later this year as expected.

According to Deadline, the scheduled release date of MH movie has been pushed from September 4 2020 to April 23 2021. The report states that this might be due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. It was announced that Los Angeles might get locked down again soon and the theatres will also be closed down, "we're poised to see the entire August release schedule slide into the fall."

Other than Monster Hunter, quite a few other blockbusters are also forced to reschedule due to the coronavirus, such as Mulan, Fast & Furious 9, and No Time to Die.

The Monster Hunter film has reportedly been delayed

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