The Mobius Machine

The Mobius Machine

Palle has been fighting for survival on an alien planet in this challenging 2D action adventure with Metroidvania elements.

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The Mobius Machine

The Mobius Machine comes from the rather unknown studio Madruga Works, which both develops and publishes the game. The Mobius Machine is a Metroidvania-inspired 2D action-adventure with 3D graphics and a healthy dose of twin-stick shooter.

You take on the role of a small spaceman who receives a distress signal from an otherwise deserted planet, but when he tries to land on the planet, his small spaceship crashes and he is now trapped there. You soon realise that the planet is far from deserted as you soon find yourself fighting your way through a mysterious world of brutal aliens and machines run amok.

The Mobius Machine
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The gameplay is quite traditional; you move left to right, right to left and up and down, jumping from platform to platform, activating terminals, unlocking doors and defeating lots of enemies to gain access to new areas. As you gain more abilities, you'll gain access to more areas, and along the way you'll find blueprints for new weapons that can be crafted on workbenches around the area. However, these blueprints are relatively few and far between, so you'll have plenty of time to familiarise yourself with your new weapons.

The combat is good, the weapons feel right and, most importantly, the battles are quite intense. This isn't because you're overrun by lots of enemies, but because the enemies are quite tenacious and really unpleasant, as they easily eat up half of your energy without blinking. On top of this, the game penalises you quite severely when you die.

The Mobius MachineThe Mobius Machine

You can play in two different game modes, depending on how much of a challenge you want. The first is Standard, where when you die, you will keep all your items, your progress in the game and most of your Scraps, which is the game's currency. Scraps are used to develop new weapons and repair broken machines so you can progress in the game. If you like getting your arse kicked, just choose Retro, where you will lose all your momentum if you die, among other things.

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Even in Standard, you can get quite a slap in the face, as you can easily lose close to 20-30 minutes of gameplay if you're unlucky. It's not an easy game, and having to fight your way through the same areas and defeat the same enemies over and over again is pretty exhausting. If you are lucky enough to reach the point where you died, you will be able to pick up all your lost Scraps again. However, this is not possible in Retro mode.

The Mobius Machine

As mentioned, the graphics in The Mobius Machine are in 3D, even though all movement is in 2D. It's quite detailed and quite nice, and it runs smoothly. The water effects in particular look surprisingly good. However, there isn't much development in the graphics along the way, as everything looks more or less the same, so it gets a bit monotonous to look at over time. It's not a big problem, but you could have wished for a little more variation on the visual side. The soundtrack is also fine, with good and effective sound effects when the enemies are defeated.

The Mobius Machine is a fine 2D action-adventure that doesn't go too far wrong, but doesn't take many chances either. The gaming world is vast and there are many challenges out there - and the high level of difficulty and punishing nature of the game may not be for everyone.

The Mobius Machine is a fine bid for another Metroidvania-inspired 2D action adventure, and it actually plays quite well - it does get monotonous over time, but if you have the patience and not least the skills, there are actually quite a few hours of gameplay hidden here. If you want a taste before you buy, there's a free demo available on Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5.

The Mobius MachineThe Mobius MachineThe Mobius MachineThe Mobius Machine
07 Gamereactor UK
7 / 10
Beautiful and detailed graphics, great combat system with good weapons, good and solid challenge
Becomes monotonous over time, also monotonous visual side, the punishing nature of the game is not for everyone
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Palle has been fighting for survival on an alien planet in this challenging 2D action adventure with Metroidvania elements.

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