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Goat Simulator 3

The minigames in Goat Simulator 3 can be played anywhere on the map

Expect to be run over by a car or get hit by lightning while you are playing goat football.

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Headbutting pedestrians or blowing things up is always entertaining, but sometimes even you want a bit more variety. In the upcoming Goat Simulator 3 this comes in the form of seven minigames. Unsurprisingly, these games are quite wacky and border on parody, such as Hoofball that plays like Rocket League on hoofs, and Headsplat which seems to have borrowed a brush or two from Splatoon.

But what really sets the mini games apart from their sources of inspiration, is that they can be played anywhere on the huge map. This makes for some unpredictable experiences, Santiago Ferrero, creative director at Coffee Stain North, revealed to us during Gamescom:

"Mini games are the new feature in the multiplayer sessions. We have seven different ones. They are kind of like these PvP, really short, fun mini games such as The Floor is Lava and Hoofball, which is basically soccer. These can be played wherever you are in the world. Wherever you decide, they can be started, so this creates this weird dynamic in a crazy place that is really weird, and cars are running into you, or [you might play] somewhere on a field, and it works perfectly. So, we let players decide how crazy they want to play the minigames."

Goat Simulator 3

If minigames are not your cup of tea, Coffee Stain North has also included a story mode that gradually unfolds as you and your friends accomplish tasks.

"It's basically goats creating a secret goat society. The goat towers are the entrance to the hidden throne room. And in this goat tower there is a gate that's all chained up. And the more you find and do things in the world, the more of this chain gets removed until you open the door and there is the ending," Santiago Ferrero explains.

Goat Simulator 3 releases November 17 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X. You can watch our full interview with Santiago Ferrero below.


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