The million-dollar question: Will Nintendo Switch 2 be released in fiscal year 2025?

A corporate document from March reveals that the company has already been in dialogue with its investors about the transition to the new hardware and the potential impact on the business.

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Nintendo will present its financial report tomorrow, Tuesday 7 May, updating its sales figures for Nintendo Switch and its games, and many of us are wondering if this will also be the time for the company to reveal to the world information about its next console, the successor to Nintendo Switch.

Of course, we users aren't the only ones interested in what Nintendo has to say tomorrow, but it seems that investors have already been brought up to speed. A corporate document that Nintendo Japan released last March has now surfaced, stating that it has been in dialogue with investors about the current status of Nintendo Switch and the upcoming console, as well as the potential business impact of the transition between the current hardware and the successor.

This means that Nintendo's key financial partners already know the roadmap for Nintendo Switch 2 (or whatever it will be renamed in the future), and leaves the door open for a possible launch in the current fiscal year 2025 (which ends on 31 March 2025). With this in mind, as well as the current position of Nintendo Switch (which may reach the top spot among the best-selling consoles in history, if Jim Ryan "failed" in his calculations for PS2), the announcement should be made sooner rather than later.

We already know that Nintendo will not be present at Gamescom in August, so we can only assume that the Japanese company is preparing some kind of event of its own to present its plan for the future to the world. Will it be tomorrow?

The million-dollar question: Will Nintendo Switch 2 be released in fiscal year 2025?

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