The Medium

The Medium will get the TV series treatment by Netflix

The producer from Netflix's The Witcher series is making it.

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Yesterday we got the news that Nintendo is planning a Direct stream dedicated to the upcoming Mario movie, which is one of a plethora of video game related films and series being planned right now. And now it's time for yet another one - and this one seems promising.

It is The Medium, the horror game from Bloober Team with parallel worlds set in an old Eastern European location, that will be made as a TV series on Netflix. It scared us a lot when it was released for PC and Xbox Series S/X last year, and was just as scary at the launch for PlayStation 5 last month.

Tomasz Bagińsk is the producer of both the Netflix series The Witcher and Direction Night, and he will take care of The Medium as well. Bloober Team also has a finger in the production and their highly suggestive games (Layers of Fear, Blair Witch, Observer and also heavily rumoured to develop a new Silent Hill) at least theoretically could be very fitting as movies or series, so we are looking forward to hear more about this one.

The Medium

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