The Mandate

The Mandate is funded through Kickstarter

Tsars in Space game surpasses $500,000 goal.

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Here's another Kickstarter success story to read up on. The Mandate, a space simulation where you as the captain of a ship called Mandate explore a universe governed by... Tsars. Alternate history science fiction.

The Mandate

Ole Herbjørnsen, Executive Producer, Perihelion Interactive said:

"We're excited that we've reached our initial funding goal for The Mandate and look forward to seeing what stretch goals we can achieve before the campaign ends. Everyone at Perihelion is extremely passionate about The Mandate and we will strive to exceed on our backers expectations when the final game is released in 2015."

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As you'd expect there are stretch goals in play including the most realistic one (with 4 days to go) - Away missions to planets at $600,000.

The MandateThe MandateThe Mandate
The MandateThe MandateThe Mandate

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