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The main character from Epic's Unreal Engine 5 tech demos is coming to Fortnite

She's called Windwalker Echo.

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Do you remember a little while ago, when Epic first started showing off the capabilities of the Unreal Engine 5 with a series of tech demos. They featured an unnamed female protagonist and took place over a range of different landscapes, be it an arid desert or in a Japanese-inspired town, and sort of looked like mini-movies as the quality was so high. Well, that very main character is now heading to Fortnite, as a purchasable skin.

Revealed by Epic on Fortnite's Twitter account yesterday, the skin will be called Windwalker Echo and is actually available to grab in-game today. You can take a look at it below, and if you haven't already, can watch one of the impressive Epic Unreal Engine 5 tech demos below as well.


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