The Long Dark

The Long Dark finally lets you cheat death, adds a cougar to follow you around

Part Five of Tales from the Far Territory is set to launch next month.

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The Long Dark's Tales from the Far Territory expansion initially launched back in 2022, but since then the developers at Hinterland Games have been working hard on additional features that will arrive for all owners of the expansion.

The latest update, as detailed in a post on Steam, contains a lot of new features for fans to get excited, or terrified, about. First, there's the introduction of the cougar. This apex predator is very territorial, and will track you down if you spend far too long in one place.

There's also a new mountain pass region, new tale, and two extra modes. The Misery Mode will give you six new afflictions you'll have to survive with for as long as you can, and the Cheat Death mode will allow you to not face a permadeath, but it will come at a price.

Hinterland Games aims to release this update towards the second half of June.

The Long Dark

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