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The LoL All-Star Event starts on December 7

Voting opens in November.

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Riot Games has announced that the All-Star Event for League of Legends this year will be held from December 7 to 10 at the NA LCS studio in Los Angeles, seeing the top players from around the world assemble in fan-voted rosters based on the top eight regional leagues.

The eight regional teams will be China, Europe, Korea, LMS (Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao regions), North America, Southeast Asia, Turkey, and Brazil, and each will also send two players for the 1v1 tournament as well.

In terms of format, the teams will be sorted into two groups for Bo1 single round robin competition, where the top two teams from each group advance to Bo3 semi finals, who then advance onto Bo5 finals. In the 1v1 tournament, however, there will be 16 players in a single elimination bracket, with Bo1 round of 16 and quarterfinals, moving into Bo3 semis and finals.

Why change the format, though? Well, Riot had this to say: "In previous years, the focus of All-Star was primarily on entertainment over competition. This year, our 2017 All-Stars will be playing to win. We feel that pulling them out of their competitive mindset to play one-off, fun game modes will inherently divert their focus and take away from the competitiveness of the main event."

Fans from the eight regions can vote for one player in each position, and all pros who took part in at least 20% of the recent split are eligible to be picked. All pros also vote on a coach, but they can't vote for their own coach.

Details on voting and tickets will become available in November. Who will you be voting for?

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Photo: Riot Games

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