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The Limbo and Inside lead's Cocoon to launch in September

Annapurna has shared some great news in a new trailer.

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The short glimpses we got of Cocoon in last year's Xbox & Bethesda Showcase made many of us very curious. This turned into extremely interested when we were told Jeppe Carlsen, the lead gameplay designer of Limbo and Inside, is one of the talented developers at Geometric Interactive making it. Even more people became aware of it at Summer Game Fest earlier this month,so tonight's news is both exciting and worrisome.

Annapurna didn't just give us a new trailer showing more of the mind-bending puzzles and a boss tease in tonight's showcase. They also announced Cocoon will launch on the 29th of September. Because that period wasn't filled with enough exciting games already...Hopefully this won't vanish in the shadow of games with much higher marketing budgets.


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