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League of Legends

The LCS Summer Season has been delayed

The walkout is seeing Riot Games take action.

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Just yesterday, we reported on the news that players in the League of Legends Championship Series are staging a walkout in the bid to make Riot Games a more transparent and open tournament organiser. This seems to have worked already, because Riot Games has now decided to delay the LCS Summer Season by two weeks, while it works out the kinks and frustrations that have been aired by individuals involved in the LCS.

As noted in a blog post we're told that Riot is looking to build a league that can challenge for the Summoner's Cup at Worlds, all while being sustainable and economically viable for every individual working in it, this including casters, broadcast crews, and support staff.

Riot also states that in the bid to better support the North American Challengers League, it will be providing its partner organisation, Rally Cry, with a $300,000 cash injection in the hope to kick start the 2023 NACL season next week.

Riot did address a few requests that the LCS Player Association has made and mostly either stated that the requests are not necessary or not sustainable from a league standpoint.

Riot has also affirmed as well that the two-week delay that the LCS is receiving won't affect Worlds qualification, but if a further delay is required, it will mean that the LCS will be eliminated from Worlds this year - so stay tuned.

League of Legends

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