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We Happy Few

The launch trailer for We Happy Few: We All Fall Down is here

The third and final expansion for Compulsion Games' title is here, showing us Wellington Wells at its lowest point.

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The time has come for the third and final expansion for Compulsion Games' We Happy Few, called We All Fall Down, and this introduces us to Victoria Byng, equipped with a trusty whip. In this DLC the city is in more disorder than ever and your job of course is to keep things proper and get to the bottom of the case.

We'll get to see Wellington Wells at its worst point, and there's a "new take on combat" featuring the whip. A new dart gun helps those who like to be a bit more sneaky, and exploration is altered by the emphasis on climbing across rooftops. Eating, sleeping, and crafting have also been removed.

This DLC is included with the Season Pass, but can be bought separately as well, along with the others like They Came from Below and Lightbearer.

Have you played the other DLCs?

We Happy Few

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