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Saints Row

The latest Saints Row trailer showcases the different districts of Santo Ileso

We got a look at several of the areas that we will be gunning down gangs members within.

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Volition has just dropped a brand new trailer for the Saints Row reboot that explores multiple districts within its Southwest American-inspired sandbox. It also lightly touches upon some of the gangs that we will be exchanging bullets with next February.

The first of these districts is Rancho Providencia which is home to the Los Panteros gang. This area has been described as having a "grittier and weathered" identity. Next up is the Lakeshore district, an inner-city area populated by towering buildings that is controlled by the Marshall gang. Lastly, we have The Idols' luxurious Monte Vista district, which in steep contrast to Rancho Providencia, is the home to the rich and famous.

You can take a look at the trailer in the video above.

Saints Row

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