The latest iteration of ChatGPT can flirt with you

And translate languages in real-time.

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It's set to become even harder to tell whether or not you're dealing with an AI online, as OpenAI has now unveiled the latest iteration of its ChatGPT platform.

This upgrade can translate languages in near real-time, identify emotions from visual expressions, read and make judgement on images, recall previous commands, solve your maths problems, and even respond to your queries and commands in a variety of tones and cadences, with some even being a little flirty.

This upgrade is known as GPT-4o, and since it's still quite a new upgrade it isn't set to have unlimited usage opportunities, as if you send too many free messages and commands to the platform it will revert and switch back to GPT-3.5 instead. The rollout of GPT-4o will be coming to ChatGPT Plus and Team users to begin with and then to Enterprise users soon after.

The latest iteration of ChatGPT can flirt with you
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