The latest FUT Champions Cup starts today

Manchester is hosting some more FIFA esports.

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Earlier this year Barcelona hosted the first FUT Champions Cup for FIFA as part of the football franchise's esports plans for 2018, and today the second of these Champions Cups is getting underway in Manchester, England, where 128 competitors will fight for their slice of the $200,000 USD prize pool.

If you need reminding, 16-year-old Donovan 'DhTekKz' Hunt lifted the trophy last time around, but this time there's plenty of big names looking to take it for themselves, including Gorilla, Agge, and Daxe, to name just a few.

What's more is that we'll be in Manchester ourselves on Saturday and Sunday to bring you coverage of the event (more here), both in terms of interviews and written content, but also in terms of an exciting feature for our Weekly Esports Round-up with Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, so stay tuned for more on the event.

Who do you think can win?


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