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The Last of Us (HBO Max)

The Last of Us season 2 gives the Infected greater importance

We're going to know a lot more about Clickers, Bloaters, and more.

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It was confirmed very early into season 1 that we would be getting another dose of The Last of Us at some point down the line. Following the release of the season 1 finale, Craig Mazin, Neil Druckmann, and Troy Baker have also dropped The Last of Us podcast, which gives us some insight into the final episode.

The trio are joined by Ashley Johnson in the episode, and while they discuss many topics, Craig Mazin also let us know we'd be seeing a lot more of the Infected in season 2 in terms of how they function and their hive mind works.

"I think this next season, the interconnectivity of [the Infected], and the risk of stepping on the wrong thing, that stuff is going to be brought forward more for sure." We saw the risk of this in episode 2, as Tess explains that the cordyceps also burrow underground, meaning if you step on a tendril you can awake a horde of infected somewhere else.

Considering some people have critiqued The Last of Us for not including the Infected enough, it'll be interesting to see a lot more of them when season 2 eventually does premiere.

The Last of Us (HBO Max)

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