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The Last of Us (HBO Max)

The Last of Us reveals how the Bloater came to life

The actor playing the huge infected wore an 88-pound suit.

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Fair warning, there are spoilers for The Last of Us episode 5 in this article. If you've not checked out the latest episode yet, you may want to do so before reading.

With the Super Bowl taking up the majority of America's eyeballs this week, The Last of Us fans enjoyed an early drop for episode 5, which featured perhaps the most disgusting infected yet in the form of the Bloater.


The swollen Clicker is one of the most memorable things about the show so far, and it took a lot of work to bring the creature to life. Not only did the creators need a 6'6 actor in British actor Adam Basil to make the creature intimidating, but they also put Basil in an 88-pound suit to give him a more bloated aesthetic.

Prosthetics designer Barry Gower explained the process in the latest Inside the Episode YouTube video, where he stated that the creators made a "whole copy" of Basil's body which they then used to model the Bloater prosthetics. Then, using foam rubber and foam latex, they made the fungal monster seen in episode 5.

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The Last of Us (HBO Max)

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