The Last of Us (HBO Max)

The Last of Us returns to HBO Max in the first half of 2025

Joel and Ellie are back for more adventures roughly a year from now.

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There was something of a The Last of Us hysteria 14 months ago when the final episode of The Last of Us series aired. The show was far better than anyone could have hoped for, and set a new bar for adaptations based on video games (a trend the Fallout series continued last month).

Now we're just wondering when we'll see the continuation of the adventure with season two, where key elements of The Last of Us: Part II are expected to form the backbone of the story. Since we recently got to see pictures of the characters from season two and the previous confirmation of it arriving in 2025, you might have guessed that the premiere wasn't too far away - and pleasantly enough, that's the case.

Deadline (via DiscussingFilm) can now reveal that The Last of Us: Season 2 will premiere in the first half of 2025. Definitely something to look forward to, right?

The Last of Us (HBO Max)

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