HBO's The Last of Us

The Last of Us renewed for a second season on HBO

It's finally official, but will that be enough to cover everything in Part II?

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Yours truly isn't the only one that adores The Last of Us on HBO, as the show's first two episodes have been breaking records on both linear TV and streaming. I kind of expected that, which is why I included "Season 1" in the headline of my review. Turns out, that was justified.

Because PlayStation Productions and Naughty Dog have confirmed The Last of Us has been renewed for season 2 on HBO and HBO Max. That's the only thing we're told, however, so I have to ask: Do you think that is enough to retell the story of The Last of Us: Part II, and who should get the role as Abby, Lev and crew? Personally, I hope this means the second season will be at least twenty episodes because the second game is a lot bigger and leaves even more room to explore other parts of this amazing universe.

HBO's The Last of Us

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