The Last of Us: Part II

The Last of Us: Part II Could be Getting a Re-Release

There have been some suspicious moves from Naughty Dog.

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Some are speculating online that The Last of Us: Part II could be getting a PS5 remake or re-release following a quiet takedown of a PS5 trailer for the game. This theory is based on fairly loose evidence but it does have some merit, as the Twitter account Naughty Dog Central explains.

The tweets concerning the potential re-release point out that somewhere between May-July this year, the PS5 performance trailer regarding the update to The Last of Us: Part II was taken down. Also, the set of new photo mode features that were brought to The Last of Us: Part I have not yet appeared in the second game.

This seems a strange move from Naughty Dog, implying that we could be getting a native PS5 version of The Last of Us: Part II, theoretically replacing the update for the platform that was released in 2021.

While it does make some sense for a Last of Us: Part II re-release to take place, some are going to be frustrated a recent game is getting the "remake" treatment.

The Last of Us: Part II

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