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The Last of Us: Part I

The Last of Us: Part I details all improvements in 10 minute gameplay video

As the leaks have started, Naughty Dog and PlayStation Studios finally decided to show us how the remake is better than the original and remaster.

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Naughty Dog just can't catch a break in terms of leaks lately. Not only did The Last of Us: Part II details and footage leak weeks before the game launched, the The Last of Us remake was all but confirmed even before Sony itself leaked its release date a few hours before it was supposed to. This has now been topped by the fact that footage and screenshots of the game have been spreading around the Internet the last couple of days. That's probably why the official announcement has happened when most of you are sleeping.

Because Naughty Dog has suddenly published a video where a handful of the leads at Naughty Dog show and talk about some of the big and small improvements in The Last of Us: Part I. I suggest you don't watch it if you don't want to see how some of the major characters look quite different in the remake compared to the original and remaster, as we finally get a closer look at both Henry, Sam, David, Riley, a certain animal and other key players. All you should know is that the game looks astoundingly beautiful and the world more alive thanks to new and added animations, far better physics and destructible environments, smarter enemies and companions, more fluid movements, 3D audio and more. Looks and sounds great, right? Unfortunately, there are some bad news as well.

The kennel made many believe we'd finally get to crawl and more as Joel when they said Part I will include gameplay improvements and changes from Part II, but that's not the case. It seems like these gameplay titbits include permadeath and speed running modes, detailed workbench sequences, new cosmetic options and render modes, Part II's amazing accessibility features (+ audio description), cool use of the DualSense and stuff like that. Not exactly what those who question the price tag because they played the remaster wanted to hear, but we'll let you know our thoughts in our review sometime in August.

The Last of Us: Part I

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