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HBO's The Last of Us

The Last of Us: Left Behind gets review bombed because "it's woke"

Guess what the similarities between the show's two worst user reviewed episodes are...

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Those of us who've been lucky enough to have watched the entire first season of The Last of Us already knew that two episodes would get a lot of attention from a certain crowd. Alex covered the first one shortly after episode 3 became available in January, and now it's time for the second very expected reaction.

The Last of Us' seventh episode, appropriately called Left Behind because it covers the game's expansion with the same name, became available on Sunday night, and seeing a another gay romance has once again lead to a bunch of negative user reviewers on Metacritic. While a relatively small amount of them are somewhat fair and share some of my complaint, another significant portion sure likes to use the word "Woke" a lot...Is it a good sign the latter folks are still watching?

What do you think about the show now that we're so close to the end of season 1?

HBO's The Last of Us

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