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HBO's The Last of Us

The Last of Us: How the Clickers were made in the games and in the show

Naughty Dog and HBO reveal the origin of the iconic enemies and how they needed to change things.

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Those of us who've been following The Last of Us very closely since even before the game launched in 2013 are well-aware of how Naughty Dog came up with and developed the different kinds of infected, but the extremely popular HBO show has obviously drawn even more fans into this astonishing universe. Then it's a good idea to retell the cool origin story, as well as delve into why the show changes a few things.

HBO and PlayStation have done this by focusing on the iconic Clickers in their latest The Last of Us video. Rather fitting, as these scary things get introduced in this week's episode. Neil Druckmann, one of the game's creators and episode 2's director, tells the short version of how they needed a unique antagonist and how to differentiate it from zombies before he explains why the show introduces them in a new way. A trio of other astoundingly talented developers also explain how and why Clickers move and sound the way they do, making the thought of them even more terrifying.

HBO's The Last of Us

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