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The Last of Us: Part I

The Last of Us games see huge boost in sales thanks to TV show

People are turning to the source material after watching the HBO adaptation.

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The Last of Us: Part I and the Last of Us: Part II have both seen a huge rise in sales following the release of the HBO adaptation.

Even with only two episodes out at the time of writing, The Last of Us has already taken over a lot of the discussion around TV as of late, and with good reason. It seems many are thoroughly enjoying the adaptation of Joel and Ellie's story.

The numbers, which come from, show us a huge scale of increase in sales for both games. The Last of Us: Part I saw a huge 238% sales spike and the PS4 version of The Last of Us: Part II increased by 322%.

These numbers only further show how a great adaptation can bring some incredible results not only for the media itself but the source material it is based on.

The Last of Us: Part I

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