The Last of Us (HBO Max)

The Last of Us episode 3 is getting review bombed

Despite high praise elsewhere, there are those taking issue with the episode's plot.

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A small portion of those who watched The Last of Us' latest episode are taking issue with the show despite high praise being given to it.

Spoilers for the third episode, but it essentially covers the story of Bill and Frank and their romance, giving them their own mini plot within the wider world. Due to the nature of the romance, some have gone on to bomb the reviews for the episode on IMDb.

The essence behind these complaints is clear to see, and it's safe to say a lot of the criticisms aren't really taking the episode apart and are instead wrongly centred around one key aspect of it. Luckily, these negative reviews haven't done too much to impact the overall reception of the episode, and it seems to be just a select few that are trying to knock the score down on IMDb.

Thanks, TheGamer

The Last of Us (HBO Max)

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