The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian gets a premanent price cut

The hefty discount comes just weeks after launch.

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The Last Guardian received relatively mixed reviews when it launched in December of last year, with some people calling it a masterpiece, and others thinking that the long wait simply wasn't worth it for what we got (if you're interested, you can read our review by clicking on this link).

This has made potential players somewhat hesitant to buy it, it would seem, and The Last Guardian hasn't been very visible on best-seller lists in the wake of its long-anticipated launch. This is almost certainly a contributing factor in the decision by Sony to give the game a pretty generous price cut, this after less than two months on the market. From here on in it can be bought for £29.99 / €39.99 over on the PSN Store.

This price cut is permanent, the hope being that it will result in those people still sitting on the fence to go and try it out. The question is, will that be enough of a discount to bring in a new wave of players?

The Last Guardian

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