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The JBL Quantum 910 is "finally a wireless spatial headphone with headtracking"

Announced at Gamescom and now available, we've taken a closer look at the new gaming headset.

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At Gamescom last month JBL by Harman introduced the Quantum 910 Wireless, which felt like the missing piece into their gaming headset line-up. Coming from the 810 Wireless, but now sporting the head tracking tech featured on the top-of-the-line Quantum ONE, the new model is now available in Europe. On the German show floor we paid a visit to the brand's loud booth to test the headset for the first time, learn about its features and even do a quick unboxing:


"The main new feature for this one is that we finally got a wireless spatial headphone with headtracking", explains Herje in the video. "So, on this one we've combined two of both worlds, we basically put our QuantumSPHERE 360 technology that used to be in our Quantum ONE into this one wireless, so you get 7.1 spatial audio with headtracking from a PC while you're using the QuantumENGINE, our proprietary software. In addition to this, we also added what we call the Spatial 360 technology and that's wireless spatialization of audio from a two-channel signal. You can connect this to any device, a Mac, a PlayStation... and get spatial audio with headtracking".

With the convergence of both wired and wireless product, we asked about the best device depending on preferences:

"If you really want a wired headphone or gaming headset, the ONE is the best you can get", Herje still claims of the older product. "You'll have the lowest latency, they are the most comfortable low-weight proposition we have. But if you want a wireless one, the you have the Quantum 910.
Because there is a battery in it, it weights a bit more, that can be sensible for some but it's super-lightweight still, but it can be sensible".

Play on the video for much more on the JBL Quantum 910 Wireless.

The JBL Quantum 910 is "finally a wireless spatial headphone with headtracking"The JBL Quantum 910 is "finally a wireless spatial headphone with headtracking"

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