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The Jackbox Party Pack 9
Featured: Gamescom 2022 Coverage

The Jackbox Party Pack 9 launches and its creators share its new features with us

In addition to the new languages, Jackbox Games tells us about their favourite mini-games in this party game for all ages.

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Jackbox Games has a release date for its social game The Jackbox Party Pack 9. The title will be available for PC on 20 October, which is pretty soon. Las versiones de Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One y Xbox Series saldrán más adelante. It was also due to be released on Stadia, but the studio has not updated information on whether it will be released due to the imminent closure of Google's service</a>.

It should be remembered that Jackbox Party Packs are social or party games in which you simply download the app on any console or PC and then control all the games from your sofa with your mobile phones, in the style of the PS4's PlayLink line.

During Gamescom, we were able to talk at length with two of the main creators of the game: chief creative officer Allard Laban and vice president of international games Andy Kniaz, with whom we went over the mini-games they'll be introducing, their favourites and the new features they're bringing. You can watch the full interview below.


During the video we wanted to hear about the new language localisation options, undoubtedly one of the most welcome improvements for the community, and we also talked about the introduction of control options such as the use of the keyboard.

"Our main goal was to bring the game to as many markets as possible. The Spanish localisation was very important to us because of its global impact and many language elements will be present in the game, but also will be in German, French and a lot more".

The Jackbox Party Pack 9The Jackbox Party Pack 9The Jackbox Party Pack 9

In addition, of the five mini-games available in this edition at launch, the developers tell us some secrets about them and a more personal and colloquial definition of each one:

  • Fibbage 4: "New and wacky fan-submitted videos to ask us questions with".

  • Quixort: "A team game, which is a bit like handling tetris tiles together and trying to fit them together and put them in order".

  • Junktopia: "It's like taking a pile of rubbish and creating something wonderful that conquers others... with rubbish".

  • Nonsensory: "It's like betting with words and names and betting by percentages on whether or not your friends agree or disagree with your answer. Kind of like (but softer) Cards Against Humanity."

  • Roomerang: "It's an homage to reality TV shows. If you like Big Brother or Survivor, this is the game for you."

Obviously, there will be times when games may lead to themes that are not suitable for children but Jackbox Games has introduced a family game mode so you don't have to worry about certain themes.

The Jackbox Party Pack 9

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