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The Invasion expansion moves into Eve Online

The Triglavian forces have attacked, and it's up to you to defend against them, with some extra features making their way in too.

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CCP Games has released Invasion as the newest expansion for MMO Eve online, forming the first chapter of the Triglavian Story. New Eden has been plunged into chaos, and players can take on the challenge as a free download.

Roaming fleets from the Triglavian forces will be attacking specific star systems, and events will escalate as the weeks go on. Three new Triglavian ships are coming in the Tech II category at Frigate, Destroyer, and Cruiser class, and the War Declaration system is also being changed. The Mutaplasmid system will have new content as well, which players can loot from Triglavian forces, and this lets you modify existing ships with new effects.

"Eve has always been about actions having lasting and meaningful consequences, so with Eve Online: Invasion our goal has been to provide a universe-changing event for our community to experience in familiar space," said Bergur Finnbogason, Eve Online's Creative Director. "Capsuleers will be defending their territory from a fearsome new sect. We're incredibly keen to see our players fighting for the star systems they hold dear against an increasingly serious threat unlike anything they've ever faced before!"

"Eve Online has always had the goal of providing new experiences and a living universe like no other," adds Hilmar Veigar Pétursson, CCP's Chief Executive Officer. "With Eve celebrating 16 years of strength and innovation, we continue to build on that ambition and tradition. I truly believe that by challenging our Capsuleers to defend the universe they have shaped, their destiny - as ever - remains in their own hands, ensuring Eve's appeal now and into the future."

What's more is that players can also get stuck into the open beta for the 64-bit client right now on Windows PC and macOS, modernising the game's development. As is usual with these sorts of things, feedback is encouraged to help CCP improve this as much as possible.

For more on Invasion, check out this video detailing the features, as well as the Invasion site.

Are you set to take on the challenge?

Eve Online

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