The 'impossible' Hades run that was beaten in less than an hour

Just eight days after a popular YouTuber uploaded a video on why it'll never happen.

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Beating Hades normally can prove a difficult enough challenge, but if you're really looking to test yourself, you can add modifiers to make the game harder, such as a time limit for each level, extra abilities for bosses, and more. These modifiers are known as Heat, and if you whack everything up to the max, you can reach 64 heat.

Without modding, this is believed to be pretty much impossible to beat, and YouTuber Haelian uploaded a video on why the probability of you being able to beat the game on that difficulty is just too low.

Then, eight days after that video came about, Hades speedrunner Angel1c came along and beat the game on that difficulty after less than an hour of trying. Angel1c is a bit of a legend in the Hades community, as previously she's beaten the game on 62 and 63 Heat.

"Thousands upon thousands of attempts, nearly a year since my 63 clear and 64 fails that got so much attention. And its finally fucking here," writes Angel1c in the caption of her YouTube video. "I'm still shaking while writing this, I didnt expect it to happen at all with how I haven't played for so long ... I'm so proud of myself."

"51 minutes of attempts, to get luck that is arguably unachievable in thousands of hours. Never say never I guess," she continued in another upload. This doesn't mean that Haelian was necessarily wrong, just that Angel1c got super lucky and proved that with determination you can beat the odds.


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