Buildings Have Feelings Too

"The idea is that all the buildings are alive"

We check out Buildings Have Feelings Too with Blackstaff Games' Benjamin Donoghue during GDC.

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A side-scrolling city managment game may sound strange to begin with, even more so when you realise the houses you place have arms and legs, and yes, even feelings towards their neighbours and duties. In Buildings Have Feelings Too you manage these emotions and try and make sure the buildings are put to good use.

"It's a city management game and the idea is that all the buildings are alive," says Blackstaff Games' Benjamin Donoghue. "They can walk and talk with each other. So you're managing resources, kind of growing your town, but at the same time trying to keep everyone happy."

We got a good look at the game at the [email protected] event during GDC, and you can check out the full video below.

Buildings Have Feelings Too is planned for release on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One this summer.

Buildings Have Feelings Too

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