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The Harvest Era has come to Boundless

The latest update for the cross-play sandbox MMO is incorporating the fan-requested feature of farming.

  • Ben LyonsBen Lyons

The latest in the line of massive free updates for Boundless - the cross-play sandbox MMO from Wonderstruck - is incorporating a brand new farming system for players to sink their shovels into. Harvest Era, as the update is titled, is bringing a host of new features, building on the theme of farming and growth, enabling entirely new ways to play and enjoy the game.

As for the full list of new features coming, they can be found here including a comprehensive farming system for growing crops where skilled farmers will have to consider placement, local flora, and irrigation to succeed. To accompany this, placeable water and lava blocks have made their way into the title, to assist with irrigation, as well as a system allowing for the ability to farm inorganic materials such as fuel by using unorthodox methods.

The ability to use the innovative 'Goo' farming technique has been implemented too, allowing for farmers to aid in the creation of dyes to spice up their bases, and there's even a new painting system, allowing players to collect or create colour sprays to beautify certain blocks within their builds.

Harvest Era is just one of the many bi-weekly updates developer Wonderstruck has brought to Boundless since it first launched in September 2018. Ever since then, farming has been one of the most requested features by fans, making its release a huge deal for players.

The Steam post also talks about the lighting rework that has come into the game, which comes from the team changing how material rendering functions. This will look particularly noticeable on surfaces like water and metal, so take a look at what's changed.

Are you going to get your feet dirty in this latest Boundless patch?


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