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Super Mario Maker

The hardest Mario Maker level ever made

Five hours of building, nine hours to beat it.

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Nintendo's tribute to the Super Mario Bros. series, Super Mario Maker, was released for Wii U two weeks ago, a game where you get all the tools needed to make your very own Super Mario level and share it online.

This has sparked many a creative mind, but so far it seems to be very popular to try and make the levels as difficult as possible. The only catch is that you need to complete the level yourself before it can be uploaded and shared with the world.

A person called "PangaeaPanga" on Youtube has shared a video where he/she runs through what must be the most difficult level made so far. Here's what it says under the video:

"It took me 5 hours to make this level, it took me 9 hours to beat this level. Here is the hardest Super Mario Maker level ever made and completed."

Check out the video yourself on Youtube.

Super Mario Maker

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