The Gfinity Elite Series is "a right fit" for Team Vitality

Elite Series manager for Vitality Mike Ellis spoke with us about their entry into the series.

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If you weren't aware, Team Vitality are one of the new faces in the Gfinity Elite Series' third season (which starts today), and during a recent conference call we got to speak with Vitality's Rocket League and Elite Series manager Mike Ellis about the move into the Elite Series, and why this was the right time for them to get on board.

"It's really exciting," he said. "We've got a really good Rocket League team that we picked up just before, and we already have strong FIFA players, so it's a great fit for us. We just have to find that Street Fighter team, which I'm pretty happy about, so for us it made a lot of sense. We're also looking to expand and become more of an international company than just a French one, and because of that it means we've now got a broader reach with broadcasts going out on UK media and everything, so we're really happy about the move."

"I think it's a big change for [Gfinity] that they've gone from the eight-team format to the ten-team format. There [are] a lot bigger names within the tournament, so it made sense to bring Team Vitality in, but also just because of the fact that FIFA was added in."

Do you think more teams will show interest in the Elite Series in the future?

Photo: Team Vitality

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