Baldur's Gate III

The German government wants developers to make games like Baldur's Gate III in Germany

Baldur's Gate III won Best International Game at the German Computer Game Awards.

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You might not be aware that the German government is currently investing a good amount of money to incentivise game development in the country. At the German Computer Game Awards or Deutscher Computerspielpreis, German developers can even win cash prizes as well as a trophy.

Baldur's Gate III picked up a win (but no cash) at the award ceremony for Best International Game, which prompted the Parliamentary State Secretary at Germany's Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action, Michael Kellner, to wish for German studios to make games like Larian's masterpiece.

"As the federal government, we want to make an important contribution to this through our new games funding. The funding is to help ensure that games such as this year's best international game also go on to be developed in Germany," Kellner said (thanks, PCGamer).

The UK, France, and other regions have seen their gaming industries grow thanks to federal funding programs. In time, perhaps we'll see Germany become more of a gaming powerhouse as well.

Baldur's Gate III

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