The Geneva International Motor Show has been shut down

But a replacement show is being set up in Qatar from next year.

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If you love cars and motorsport, you no doubt have the Geneva International Motor Show (GIMS) circled on your calendar every year, as more often than not it's a surefire place to get glimpses and looks at many upcoming and exciting future cars and concepts. However, this won't be the case any further.

GIMS has been shut down. The conference will not be making a comeback, all due to what are described as "industry challenges". We don't have any further explanation of what this means exactly.

What we do know is that there will still be a future for GIMS, in the form of a new Qatar-based show starting from next year. We're told that it will be hosted between November 27 and December 6, and that it will be "an amazing festival of car culture."

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Will you be checking out GIMS Qatar?

The Geneva International Motor Show has been shut down
Geneva International Motor Show

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