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Gears of War 4

The Gears Pro Circuit is coming to London's Gfinity Arena

Tickets are on sale now for December.

Gfinity has announced that team passes to the first stop of the Gears of War Esports Pro Circuit are now on sale, the event being hosted at the Gfinity Arena in London from December 10 to 11.

The Gears Pro Circuit London, in collaboration with Xbox and The Coalition, is the largest event of its kind to date and will feature a total of 32 professional and amateur teams battling it out at the Gfinity Arena in London. These teams will compete for a starting prize pool of $1 million US dollars.

Major League Gaming and Gfinity are hosting a series of marquee open events across the globe, featuring open events, a double elimination format and a new game mode called Escalation. Top teams from Latin America, Oceania, North America and Europe will face each other in these global competitions and the Pro Circuit is set to feature more international competition than ever before.

Team passes for the London event are £200 per team, although it is open to international teams too. To qualify for the Gears Esports Pro Circuit, players must earn Gears Pro Points by competing in regional MLG GameBattles online ladders as well as tournaments, although those who do not qualify for top travel spots can still compete in local events as well as any international events.

Spectator tickets are also available for those who want to watch the action, costing £20 per day or £30 for the entire weekend, and the event will also hbe streamed on Twitch and on Gfinity's website.

For more information go to Gears of War's official website or Gfinity's website. Tickets can be purchased here. Will you be going to see the action live?

Gears of War 4
Gears of War 4

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