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Gears 5

The Gears 5 skiff can be used to explore more freely

Expect bigger spaces to explore in the next Gears.

One of the big reveals during Microsoft's E3 press conference was Gears 5 (yup, no Gears of War 5 anymore), and while not a whole lot was shown, we at least got to see an announcement trailer. One of the things that caught our eye in it was the fact that Kait Diaz was using a wind-powered skiff to travel over a frozen lake that was way bigger than your usual Gears of War environments.

When the Gears 5 producer (and co-creator of the series) Ron Fergusson visited Inside Xbox yesterday, he did shed some light on this feature and revealed that it isn't just a one-off thing but something that will be used a lot as the game has major storms and a lot of places to go to. Fergusson said:

"It's not like... we used to have the tank in Gears 2 and that kind of stuff, it's not meant to be just driving down a hallway essentially."

He continued by saying that The Coalition is working on opening up the world, adding that "the thing about the skiff is that we're trying to open up the world and give you more choice of what you can do."

We will also use the skiff on more places in the game as Fergusson said that "wind is kind of our thing" and continued by saying that they wanted "to have a wind-powered vehicle that can go across different types" of environments. He ended by saying that "you can take that skiff to go across the desert, you will be able to take that skiff across the tundra, so there's a lot of places you can go."

This is a big change for the Gears of War series of course, as it seems to be more open world this time around. Do you think more freedom is a good way of adding something new to Gears 5?

You can take a look at the skiff and how it works in the trailer below. The skiff part starts after 30 seconds.

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