The Game Bakers have just announced their next project

Cairn is a climbing game about reaching the summit of an unconquered mountain.

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If you've played Haven or Furi, you'll be very familiar with the work of the developer The Game Bakers. This French indie team is making their return soon with a new project that was just announced at the Day of the Devs showcase.

Known as Cairn, this game is a climbing adventure that ses players taking on the role of the character Aava, as she attempts to reach the peak of a mountain that was previously regarded as unconquerable. Essentially, if you've played Don't Nod's Jusant recently, expect something similar but much more challenging and serious, as Cairn is designed as a climbing simulation where players will need to read the rock face and determine the best possible route time and time again in order to ensure they can place pitons to act as checkpoints effectively.

The challenge doesn't even stop there as there are resource and physical condition systems to keep tabs on too, which will prove much more demanding to overcome as you continue to climb to new heights.

We're told that Cairn has been co-created by The Game Bakers, Limbo, Inside, and Control's composer Martin Stig Andersen, and French comic book artist Mathieu Bablet, with the pair working on Cairn's soundtrack and art direction, respectively.

In terms of when Cairn will be debuting, it's planned for a 2025 release and on PC and consoles. But you can see the reveal trailer below for a glimpse at what it will be serving up.


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