Knockout City

The future is here in Season 3 of Knockout City

A new map, a new crew vehicle, and a Brawl Pass are all on their way.

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After gifting us with superpowers and taking us out to the movies, Knockout City will soon transport us to the future within its next season. Season 3 of the online dodgeball game is titled H@cKeD, and introduces a new map, a new crew vehicle, and a Brawl Pass.

Players can now race into battle on five new motorcycles, and just like previous crew vehicles, these can be customised with a range of cosmetics. The new map, titled Lockdown Throwdown, takes place within an abandoned prison and here players need to be more careful with their movements. Security drones patrol the area here and if players are detected then they will trigger a security turret that will launch Cage Balls towards them.

As for the Brawl Pass, this will provide another way for players to progress and unlock new cosmetics. The Brawl Pass has 100 levels and these are said to unlock after completing tasks such as finishing matches, earning XP, and completing Brawl Pass Contracts.

You can take a look at the brand-new trailer for Season 3 in the video above, and you can find more details about the upcoming season here.

Knockout City

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