Perfect Dark

The foundations of Perfect Dark's comeback explained

The Initiative have answered some big questions about the game.

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Yesterday we finally got a long-awaited look at the upcoming Perfect Dark in a first gameplay trailer.

Now The Initiative has told us more about Joanna Dark's upcoming adventure via Xbox Wire, and promises that you don't have to have played any of the predecessors to have fun with this as "Team Perfect Dark has pulled inspiration from elements of the first two games, but crafted an entirely new story and universe around them for this reboot".

For those who have wondered if there will be any multiplayer included, the developers state that it will be "a single-player experience, with a set of missions - but with choices offered in how you complete those missions". The Initiative has worked hard to create a system that intuitively allows us to move around the environment in a way that we may not be used to from first-person action titles.

The idea is to have at our disposal "both melee and gunplay, stealth mechanics, and liberal use of gadgets", and to "present players with an objective, but let them figure out how they want to achieve it". As a result, the developers do not want to pigeonhole Joanna Dark's comeback, but say that it consists of "elements of first-person shooters, immersive sims, and stealth-action, but blends them into a seamless whole".

Joanna Dark herself is based on the look of actress Elissa Bibaud, but she is voiced by British actress Alix Regan. She has extensive experience in both film and TV roles, and has also voice acted in countless video games.

The world we visit is set in the near future where the Earth has become largely uninhabitable after something called The Cascade. However, hypercorporation Core Mantis launches something called The GEN Network, which allows for the local restoration of nature and making it habitable again, and launches this in Cairo. More companies are following suit, but there seems to be something else going on and not entirely altruistic (might have been a dull game otherwise).

Dark works for dataDyne, which is investigating The GEN Network in Cairo. The reason why this, in the context of gaming, a bit unusual city was chosen for the adventure is "to offer a counterpoint to other secret agent stories, and media at large - ancient Egypt and modern Egypt have been seen by many, but a near-future take on the country is truly something new".

Does this sound like an exciting set-up worthy of Perfect Dark, you think?

Perfect Dark

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