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The Fortnite Halloween event Fortnitemares 2019 is now live

Fortnite brings some chilling Halloween features into the mix with its Fortnitemares event.

As you may have noticed, Halloween is upon us and plenty of game developers are taking advantage of this, putting spooky themes and scary game modes into their games. One of these games is, of course, Fortnite and its Halloween event Fortnitemares is now live.

If you decide to check the event out for yourself, here is what you'll find:

"An ethereal being lurks in the darkness... Secure the Phantom Outfit and Time Keeper Back Bling instantly when you purchase the Cryptic Curse Bundle in the Item Shop. Complete challenges to unlock style options for the Phantom Outfit and Time Keeper Back Bling."

Apart from this, an extra set of free challenges have been added to the game and if you manage to complete them you'll be granted some sprays and style options for your Backboard Back Bling. The Storm King LTM also has a challenge you can complete which will grant you the stylish Storm Sail umbrella.

Looking to play the new community-made game mode? Check out the elimination focused free-for-all mode Mansion of Power. Want to learn more? Check the trailer out below or head on over to the official site - or better yet, hop on into a game and see for yourself.

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