The Forgotten City

The Forgotten City is out now on Nintendo Switch

It is, however, a stream only title just like Control and Hitman 3.

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Through the use of cloud-based technology, we've seen the Nintendo Switch receives several titles such as Control Ultimate Edition and Hitman 3 that it otherwise wouldn't be able to run. One of the latest titles to arrive on the console through this manor is The Forgotten City, a time looping mystery adventure that started out life as a Skyrim mod.

The game's concept is a pretty intriguing one, as the village that you are in gets completely transformed into golden statues if one person is to sin. One person is suspected of being about to break what is known as the 'Golden Rule' and it's up to you to track them down and stop them otherwise you will forever be caught within a time loop.

The Forgotten City is coming to the Switch via the cloud service Ubitus. Sadly though, this means that you will unable to play the game if you find yourself without internet capability.

The Forgotten City

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Watch us play The Forgotten City

Watch us play The Forgotten City

NEWS. Written by Sam Bishop

We got a taste of the game at GDC last week, where we experienced the opening of the adventure that bends time in strange ways.

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