The Forest

The Forest leaves Early Access, VR version coming soon

After four years, Endnight's atmospheric game sees full release.

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The Forest has finally left Early Access on Steam after having spent the last four years in public development, and to mark the occasion the studio has revealed that a VR version of the whole game is set to follow shortly thereafter, with a planned release date of May 22. The studio confirmed the VR version of the game as well as committing to "heavily" supporting the game from here on in:

"This version of the game adds a bunch of new stuff, from a craftable warmsuit, significant re-work of the endgame and a new alternate ending. Along with this there is a ton of cave re-work and polish and many many improvements and fixes," the studio wrote on Steam.

"There is a lot we still want to do, and plan on heavily supporting the game moving forward. Some other big items we hope to implement soon are proper cheat controls in multiplayer and fixes to the issues that will likely come up in this release."

Alongside the launch (which was actually yesterday on PC, the PS4 version's release date has yet to be confirmed) we got a new trailer showing the game in action. Check it out below.


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