The Flash set photos show the Batfleck back in action

The movie will also see Michael Keaton returning as the caped crusader.

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Some new set photos for the upcoming DC Extended Universe movie The Flash have popped up on the internet, and they seem to show Ben Affleck's Batman back in action. Granted, we don't actually know if it's Affleck in the suit in the shots, but it is the character portrayed by the Hollywood star.

The photos show this iteration of Batman riding on a fancy, high-tech motorbike, similar in its appearance to the motorbike ridden by Christian Bale's Batman in The Dark Knight trilogy. We're also shown a relatively close up shot of Batman from behind, and the suit and bike sure does feature a lot of details, even if the suit is missing the signature cape in this instance - it'll probably be added later in production.

The movie, which will focus mainly on Ezra Miller's speedster is set to not only feature Affleck's Batman, but also Michael Keaton's iteration of the caped crusader, as The Flash is set to open the door for DC's multiverse storylines.

As for when the movie itself is slated to land, a release date of November 4, 2022 is currently attached.

Take a look at the set images here.

The Flash set photos show the Batfleck back in action

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