The Bard's Tale Trilogy

The first part of the remastered Bard's Tale Trilogy dated

The first RPG classic is returning next week.

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The first of three remastered games that make up the Bard's Tale Trilogy is set to launch on PC on August 14, Inxile Entertainment has just confirmed. The first game, which is heading to Steam and GOG.com, will be joined by the second (The Destiny Knight) in the autumn and the third (Thief of Fate) in the winter - with more precise release dates no doubt to be confirmed closer to the time of each respective launch.

While the titles are being launched sequentially, the three games will be released as a single bundle, with external outfit Krome Studios handling development. The games, which were commissioned as a backer reward as part of the Kickstarter campaign for The Bard's Tale IV: Barrow's Deep, come with updated graphics and a few optional quality of life changes, and the trailer that landed alongside the announcement can be viewed below.


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