Resident Evil 4

The first mods for the Resident Evil 4 Remake are already here, and they're as weird as you'd expect

Leon in a maid outfit is only just scratching the surface for these mods.

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One of the key advantages PC gamers claim over their console brethren is the capacity to install mods for their games. In some cases, you can get a complete overhaul of an older title thanks to modding, but more often than not you'll end up with some silly additions to a game.

Even though there's still a few days until Resident Evil 4 releases, mods are already popping up for the game thanks to Capcom giving players a chance to play it early with the demo.

Already, we've got a mod that decks Leon out in a maid outfit, and even weirder ones that give the protagonist a selection of thongs to wear as he hunts down the weird and monstrous enemies of Resident Evil 4.

Beyond giving Leon a weird new look, you can also get a banana gun and a spoon replacement for your knife.

Resident Evil 4

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