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Civilization VI

The final pack in the Civilization VI New Frontier Pass brings Portugal

And zombies...?

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Firaxis Games has announced who will be the focus of the final DLC pack in the Civilization VI's New Frontier Pass, and this time, the game will be adding Portugal as a playable civilization.

Portugal, being a nation that was known for its formidable exploration and naval traits, will have a maritime focus in the game, and will excel when it comes to taking to the seven seas. The civilization will also be the inspiration for one of the two new World Wonders coming in the pack, the Torre de Belém, which will give gold and Great Admiral points each turn.

The second World Wonder will be inspired by Babylon, and is the Etemenanki, and rewards Science and Production each turn provided it is adjacent to a floodplain tile or has a marsh tile in its civilization. The new map, the Wetlands, that is coming as part of the pack plays pretty well into this World Wonder as well, as it features plenty of marsh and floodplain tiles to build around.

As for the new game mode also coming that is strangely centred around zombies. The Zombie Defense Mode will see the dead become a nuisance for the living, and you'll have to build new defensive structures to ensure the undead protect your cities. You can check out the developer update video below to see how the Zombie Defense Mode plays and how its rule set works.

The developer update did also state that the final free update of the season is set to be revealed in April, so be sure to keep an eye out for that.

Civilization VI

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