Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

The Fatalis is the latest foe to enter Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

Alongside this reveal, the developers also detailed several other additions that fans can look forward to before development ends this October.

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Capcom will end its active development support for Monster Hunter: World on October 1, 2020. Two and a half years after the initial release of the incredible hit, the final free title update for the main game and it's current expansion, Iceborne, will be released. One last scary monster will terrorise eager hunters before all fans meet for the last time to celebrate the hunt together.

The highlight of this fifth Monster Hunter World: Iceborne content update is the fabled black dragon Fatalis. The legendary Elder Dragon was first discovered by players in the online mode of the very first Monster Hunter, where he devoured unprepared groups in a chance encounter. The strong dragon is said to be the spearhead of the food chain (according to Capcom), and therefore only the best hunters of the New World will be able to hunt down this enemy.

In MHW, an old friend from Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will lead us to Castle Schrade, where we will face this majestic beast. Capcom has restored this iconic arena, so we can find new siege weapons there, among other things. The dragon set that is forged from the remains of the Fatalis has an as of yet unknown advantage. Capcom didn't want to reveal the secret, but they hinted that end-game players might use it to keep scaling their stat-caps up. Above all, we want to note that you can transform your little Palico into a deceptively real-looking mini-Fatalis with the right materials and that is the cutest thing.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

In addition to this challenge, all Monster Hunter World: Iceborne players can look forward to another system update that adds various things. There will be a new talent for the clutch claw, the optical layered armor sets are being expanded (so that you can choose from all existing armour sets), and hunters with a passion for collecting are allowed to melt additional items (including high-level decorations). Other than that, weapon charms can be upgraded in this future update, and Capcom is preparing further customization options - both paid and free.

Just in time for Halloween, one last major event is planned to be celebrated - the "Autumn Harvest Fest" in the main game's hub Astera and the "Seliana Fun Fright Fest" for all Iceborne buyers. Capcom will have a huge Halloween party for owners of the DLC and therefore, they revealed a lot of cosmetic items. We can transform our Palico into Frankenstein during this event, the wildlife expert becomes a succubus (the "Cute Demoness Costume" DLC costs, however) and who farms properly, either turns into Dracula or becomes the devil in disguise. The cute pig Poogie puts on a sheet and becomes the scariest ghost ever while even the snowman gets a scary facelift, too.

Until the big celebration, previous events rotate with the corresponding rewards and special quests. This on-going party mood should pave the way because, after two and a half years, the developers will say goodbye to this adventure. In the future, the established seasonal event schedule will return regularly in its expected cycle, to ensure a change of scenery every now and then.

In the last part of the new developer diary, the decision-makers at Capcom look back on all the collaborations, the title updates, the added monsters, and, above all, they celebrate their enthusiastic community, who made the whole topic so big in the first place. It was a good time, Monster Hunter: World. One last job remains, but thank you for everything and see you next time.


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