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Fallout 76

The Fallout 76 beta client erases itself on PC

"Do not click any buttons on the client for the time being."

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Bethesda Game Studios' titles have been known to launch with a few bugs, and when it comes to the upcoming Fallout 76 we're already seeing some technical hiccups in the ongoing beta. However, one bug that surfaced yesterday for the PC version of the beta seems more severe than most.

It appears as though loads of players have been unable to start the game because clicking on the PC client forces the user to re-download it. Some people also reported that the 50 GB game erased itself while they were playing it.

In a post shared on Twitter, a studio rep wrote: "We are actively investigating an issue causing PC players to redownload the #Fallout76 B.E.T.A. If you see a progress bar, please allow the download to complete. Thank you for your continued patience while we work to resolve this issue."

The main Bethesda account added an interesting sidenote in another tweet, writing: "We are aware of an issue with the client and are investigating. Do not click any buttons on the client for the time being."

So, until you hear otherwise: don't click anything.

Fallout 76

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